Fetal Monitor Carts

An unsung hero of carts, these must support a host of equipment, including dual-monitors for charting, no matter the space available. That’s the easy part; our carts also support work flow, safety and ergonomic needs as well as blend into the room unobtrusively.

Design the cart that can integrate your monitoring, charting and IT equipment on a mobile platform. Our full line of Fetal Monitor Carts are aesthetically attractive, and house a variety of medical monitoring systems. These units can be fully accessorized to suit clinicians' needs. Customization on drawer/door combinations are available, as well as an integrated pull-out keyboard tray for easy access.  Optional accessories include; barcode scanner holders, medical grade outlet strips, baskets and CPU mounts, among others. Height-Adjustable, single and dual-display mounts  (horizontal or vertical)  are available. Convergint-IMS specializes in adapting the equipment to your work flow, rather than you having to adapt to the equipment.  Contact Us Today>>

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Capture CareLink FMC

CareLink Fetal Cart 

  • 300W Power System, Height-Adjustable Platform with concealed cable management
  • N-Stride Steering Control
  • Dual-Swivel Monitor Mount – Supports up to 22” wide, measuring left to right
  • Large Work Surface with additional patented Pull-Out Writing Surface
  • Steering Handles on front and rear for transport
  • Height-Adjustable Keyboard Tray with Left-Right Mouse Tray and Mouse Storage
  • Open Shelf for supporting/securing various Fetal Monitors
  • 6” Non-Locking Drawer
  • 5” Dual Casters, front locking

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