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WB_Ash_CherryNurse server carts (medical and supply carts) are specifically designed to improve workflow efficiency and elevate patient care by keeping tools and supplies organized, no matter the application. Medical and supply carts are workflow enhanced to fit specific workflow and clinical needs. Seamless drawer trays with integral drawer dividers to virtually indestructible frames these medical and supply carts offer superior performance and value year after year. What is more, each cart comes with a five-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

One of the newest workflow modified carts is the Mobile Bedside Sedation Cart, a cart designed with a specific workflow in mind and fit to your workflow. 



PCL_Ash_MockedRWoodBlend_PCL_Tablet New Colors NOW Available-Ash or Cherry

 Anesthesia & Emergency Carts 300x300.jpg       Anesthesia & Emergency Cart

 Avalo Tech Ready Medication Cart 300x300.jpg   Tech Ready Medicine Cart 

Avalo Procedure Cart 300x300.jpg    Procedure & Treatment Cart

Avalo Critical Care 300x300.jpg    Critical Care Cart

Avalo IV Therapy 300x3000.jpgI.V. Therapy Cart

Avalo MedSurg 300x300.jpg Med-Surg Cart

Avalo Isolation 300x300.jpgIsolation Cart


At Innovative Medical Systems (IMS), we listen to your needs and design and integrate a solution that fits those needs. We don’t fit a square peg in a round hole to earn your business. To develop a medical or supply cart that fits your specific needs, we need to understand:

  • How will the cart be used?
  • What is the current workflow?
  • What problem are you looking to solve?
  • Does it increase workflow efficiency?
  • What cart accessories would enhance workflow?
    • Disposal: Waste or Sharps container
    • Glove Holder
    • Storage Bins
    • IV pole
    • Laptop arm
    • Locking drawers: all carts can incorporate an innovative locking system to keep supplies secure and offer flexibility of configuring what drawers “lock” or “not lock”. Etc.

Is JCAHO requiring a specific cart for your department, such as a Crash Cart?

We have designed numerous department level medical and supply carts. Here is a sampling of use case carts we have developed for various clients:

  • New clinic counter height requirements-ADA carts designed to fits nicely under ADA counters.
  • Hemorrhage Cart
  • Adult Crash Cart - Pediatric Crash Cart - NeoNatal Crash Cart
  • Anesthesia Cart for each OR
  • Difficult Airway cart
  • Nerve Block Cart
  • Fetal Monitor cart
  • Isolation Cart
  • Latex Free Cart
  • Epidural Cart

Search for more medical/supply carts that are more department specific.

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