Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Carts-Workstation On Wheels (WOW)- Medical and Mobile Computer Carts

WOW’s; COW’s; Mobile Carts.  Whatever your team may call them, they are a necessity for clinicians who need mobility and flexibility while charting. We offer the latest generation of Powered Computer Carts that are lightweight, ergonomic, and highly mobile, with power systems that last all day.  Take your computer, medications and supplies directly to the bedside, registration, surgical suite, and wherever you have the need for accurate and immediate documentation in your EMR system. At IMS we take a “Best of Breed” approach and offer a wide variety of styles, brands, drawers and accessories, to meet your clinician’s needs.  We offer a wide range of powered cart solutions designed to fit every budget, needs and workflow. 

Howard E Cart No Drawer 300x300.jpgHi Core LP-LCD w-drwr 300x300.jpg   Lund 6LI LCD Cart 300x300.jpg

             Howard Medical - e Series                    Howard Medical - Hi Core                                   Lund Industries - 6Li                                       

Capsa M38 Powered Cart 300x300                                Trio Doc-Rounding Cart

             Capsa Healthcare - M38e                                         Capsa Trio Computing Workstation

Best Variety On Powered Medical Computer Workstations 

By offering a variety of computer workstations, we are able to offer a wide array of solutions to meet all types of needs. Price? Workflow productivity? Locked medicine drawers? Supply bins? Bar scanners? Gloves? Sharps containers? And the list goes on...

Buying a workstation that fits your clinicians’ workflow needs allows greater productivity at the patient level. One that is built for the environments daily wear and tear. Call us at (800) 968-3135 or email us direct at with your workflow challenges and we can work on designing a solution that is affordable and investable.

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