Hand Hygiene Compliance

hand hygeineHospital Acquired Infections (HAI) Facts

  • 722,000 HAIs in acute care hospitals every year 1
  • 75,000+ patients with HAI’s die during their hospitalizations each year 2
  • Nationally the average cost per year for HAI’s is upwards of $9.8 billion 3

There is significant preserved revenue when a facility can reduce HAI’s by 70% by simply practicing good hand hygiene. Implementing an automated hand hygiene process is a smart investment.

A Real Time Locating System(RTLS) with hand hygiene improves immediate visibility to prevent the spread of infection, increases patient safety and staff can receive immediate contamination alerts. An automated system provides a cost-effective means to automatically capture compliance and noncompliance events 24/7. The implementation of a system drives compliance through monitoring and by implementing the system the Hawthorne effect of just having the system increases compliance.


  • Increase and monitor hand hygiene compliance with staff
  • Track and manage soiled surgical trays and utensils by location and their point in the sterilization process
  • Ensure proper air differentiation to prevent airborne illnesses and infections
  • Automatic contact tracking can help ensure facilities are meeting CDC infection control recommendations



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