Infant and Pediatric Security

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CenTrak’s newbaby™ infant security system provides peace of mind for staff and families while being cost effective, easy to use and highly reliable. newbaby™ may be purchased as a departmental solution within your hosptial or as part of an enterprise solution, meaning it is part of CenTrak’s Real Time Locate System (RTLS) which can include other use cases (Asset Tracking, Staff Duress, Temperature Monitoring, etc.)


  • Multiple layers of security; exit, tamper, supervision
  • Mother – Baby matching tags
  • Automatically admit
  • Transport with auto return
  • Location certainty: pinpoint location at the bassinet or room level
  • Active directory – LDAP
  • Analytic reports to gain insight on how the system is performing
  • Customizable integrations with third party solution providers
  • Standardize and scale at the enterprise level
  • Stack software applications on the hardware infrastructure to enable other RTLS use cases

How Tags Communicate

The CenTrak newbaby system uses an active tag, applied to the ankle or wrist, which transmits a unique signal every few seconds to a series of ceiling mounted radio frequency receivers connected to a central server. This radio frequency message is combined with Infrared light technology to provide room level location of the patient tag. If a tag is detected near an exit, removed from a patient or the signal is lost an alarm will sound. In addition, the system can activate door locks, control elevators, interface with auxiliary devices, cameras and remote alarms.

newbaby™ Does Not Reside On Your Wi-Fi - Why Does That Matter?

  1. Does not require any upgrades to your Wi-Fi network resulting in unplanned costs
  2. Wi-Fi based systems increase traffic on the Wi-Fi network, especially if you add applications to an enterprise system with multiple applications
  3. Is your IT department comfortable with and will they accept the additional responsibility and risks involved for hosting an Infant Security system on their Wi-Fi network?”

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