Nurse Call Automation

nurse call automation

On average, nurses walk 5 miles a day and spends their time doing paperwork, searching for staff or equipment, and responding to interruptions. These tasks decrease the time to provide direct patient care. A RTLS nurse call automation eliminates wasted time and increases efficiency to automate workflow processes.

Nurse call corridor lights illuminate when a patient makes a call from their pillow speaker or bath station. Nurses are notified regarding the type of call that was placed via their wireless phone and the corridor light over the patient’s door. When a caregiver enters the patient room, a RTLS enabled staff badge cancels the call and time-records their arrival, enabling hands-free workflow. Patient response times are critical to patient care and ultimately impact a facility’s HCAHPS scores.

  • Location awareness provides real time intelligence to help staff effectively manage patient care.
  • Enable and create efficient LEAN processes that are measurable and repeatable.
  • Enables physicians and staff to spend more time in front of patients which positively impact HCAHPS scores and staff retention.
  • Using an automated staff-patient location system, quickly create a report to assist with containment of communicable diseases.
  • Staff activity can be analyzed with business intelligence tools to optimize workflow and staff time.

Increase staff productivity and patient satisfaction by automating your nurse call. Nurse Call Automation enhances communication capabilities for staff, faster response times for patients and a more hands-free approach to patient care. 

Response times and hospital efficiency plays a critical role in how well caregivers can meet their patients' needs. However, the time spent doing paperwork, manual data entry or searching for support staff, can create bottlenecks in clinical workflow. In order to enhance patient care, workflows must be streamlined and the communication between nurses, doctors and staff improved.

The interoperability of Nurse Call Automation automates staff locating and event handling, allowing caregivers to focus more time on the patient. Administrators also benefit from the extensive data that is collected for reporting and analysis. With this information, healthcare facilities can better examine how care is delivered and identify new ways to improve processes and procedures.

Key Functionality:
  • Automate call cancellation
  • Automatic illumination of dome light for staff presence
  • Time-stamp staff presence
  • Document response times and length of visit
  • Facilitate staff rounding
  • Generate patient and staff interaction reports
  • Trigger clinical events from a staff badge

Nurse Call Automation simplifies locating and communicating with staff, cancelling calls and automatically initiating clinical workflows such as nurse rounding procedures. The result is more efficient and coordinated processes that translate into faster response times and improved patient care.

  •  Improves workflow
  • Increases patient and staff satisfaction
  • Enhances patient and staff safety
  • Reduces the number of patient calls
  • Provides supporting documentation when needed

Staff are one of the most valuable asset to an organization. Staff locate helps improve efficiency and staff satisfaction. A staff member’s time is spread thin between caring for patients, attending meetings, documenting information, and responding to calls and problems throughout the hospital. With so much going on within the hospital, a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that identifies the location of clinical staff members throughout the facility and integrates with a nurse call system improves workflow, patient response times, automates records, and keep staff safe.

Stacking Real Time Locating Applications On Your Nurse Call System 

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