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Since 1999 IMS has installed and are currently supporting over 350 patient security systems in hospitals across the Mid-West.  In 2009 IMS worked with Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI to install a Hugs patient security system in the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Departments. The installed system operates on 8 floors. In 2011, the system expanded into the Emergency Department where we leveraged the existing infrastructure and the Passport Application. To date, we have over 230 protected doorways on 13 floors. This is the largest Hugs Lonworks installation worldwide. Our extensive experience has helped IMS become industry experts on designing, installing and supporting patient security systems. 


BJC HealthCare is one of the largest nonprofit health care organizations in the United States. Embarking on its Campus Renewal Project—which includes Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine—they had one clear objective:  to create an environment of making medicine better by providing both care and a patient experience that are exceptional. Their planning and process included exhaustively evaluating clinical work flow through mock-up rooms and broad staff input. One of the results included replacing over 440 medical carts at Barnes-Jewish and St Louis Children’s hospitals.


The Labor and Delivery department was interested in replacing all their bassinets, delivery carts and warming bed base carts to match their recently renovated rooms. The project involved matching finishes and drawer pulls on each product and to feature thermofoil finish tops and drawer fronts for enhanced infection control. The bassinets were sized and styled similar to their existing bassinets; delivery carts were sized to fit under their footwall counter tops in a cubby hole for storage and featured solid surface tops matched to the counter top. The warming beds were removed by the hospitals facilities team and remounted onto new carts that were redesigned with a different drawer configurations and orientation to better accommodate the staff's work flow. All in all it was a fully custom installation, designed and delivered, affordably.

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We worked side by side with their OB department to launch a benefit event with the goal of purchasing (40) bassinets. This event would allow donors to purchase a bassinet and have a small plate attached to 'their' bassinet, engraved with the a commemorative comment, e.g., "in memory of…", "in honor of…", etc. It was highly successful!


The customer was replacing a large quantity of wall mounts and wanted to have a logical and timely installation across hospital rooms and offsite clinics. IMS worked side-by-side with manufacturers to deliver these products in a logical order so that the customer had a head start on installation. Showing our responsiveness, we were able to deliver wall channels quickly for installation as rooms became available in the busyness of day-to-day activity with little interuption. By understanding the customer's needs and their timeline, our experience allowed us to respond in a way that kept the project moving as planned.                                                                                                                                                                                 


They were looking to replace 400 wall mounts throughout a new facility with clean ability as their biggest concern. Couple that with a very tight go-live and it was the relationship with a variety of influencers and our attention to details that allowed IMS this opportunity. IMS delivered it on time, on budget and met all Union Hospitals criteria and specifications. The wall arms IMS provided were easy-to-clean with anti-microbial surfaces. They also had a completely sealed keyboard tray design, sealed waterproof keyboards and mice which helps to reduce the spread of infection while making for easy cleaning and disinfecting. 


When our Customer Service Support team followed up to check on a recent Infant Security Installation, our conversation uncovered a need for a cart that allowed the OB clinicians the ability to bathe a baby in the mother’s room and travel from room to room. Their goal for this cart was to help the mom feel comfortable and give her a hands-on education on bathing her new infant while creating a bonding experience. On the clinician side, it would save significant time, by not having to remove the infant from the room to bath them. A rendering of the cart was created to showcase its looks and imagined workflow. The cart was greeted with enthusiasm and the “Bathinet” was custom designed to fit their specific needs and is now available for other hospitals.


We provided a full lineup of EMR solutions and some custom projects that showcase our ability to respond with a solution no matter how unique. In this particular case, we worked closely with design and engineering teams to create a printer shelf for registration carts. This was not an option before and was important for their workflow. Another unique request came where we worked with our manufacturer to design an extra tall cart for a taller-than-average user where the cart’s work surface reaches 55” high. The elevated work surface has space for a laptop with a raised edge like our other carts, but this cart provides a comfortable height for tall users to type in an ergonomically correct way by reducing strain that comes from having a work surface that’s too low. No matter the opportunity size or type of request, IMS can find a solution.

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