Nursing Home Cart for COVID Patients 

This custom cart was created for a nursing home looking for a secure way to put a laptop in front of their COVID-19 patients. The goal was for residents to communicate with their families in the age of “shutdowns” and no visitations. And for some, this was their only way to say their final goodbyes. 

nursing home cart


E Cart with Printer Shelf 092117


Printer / Scanner Shelf for Powered Cart

The large open equipment shelf is designed to fit within the footprint of the cart and provide an open space to house a printer or scanner. With easy installation below the work surface, this shelf can be installed on existing carts and is ideal for registration carts using a Fujitsu scanner.

Tall Laptop Cart 

For those taller-than-average caregivers, we have a laptop cart that reaches 55” high. The work surface has space for a laptop like our other carts, but this cart provides a comfortable height for tall users to type in an ergonomically correct way by reducing strain that comes from having a work surface that’s too low. This solution was built for taller Doctors at a hospital, who had to slouch over to use the carts while doing their rounding. 

tall cart 2020


respitory cart 

Respiratory Cart

This solution was specifically designed for Respiratory Therapists so they could fit all of their equipment in a functional (and nice looking) cart to make their rounds.

Xbox Entertainment Cart

The healthcare-grade cart with Xbox console enclosure provides a healthy distraction from the stress of a critical or chronic diagnosis and long-term stay. Video entertainment can assist by diverting focus off the illness, pain, or pending medical procedure. The Xbox gaming cart keeps the Xbox console safe and secure and can be used to deliver age-relevant patient information.

Xbox Cart


Rear zebra and barcode mts (002)


Label Printer Bracket for Powered or Non-powered Cart     

With multiple brackets designed for Zebra label printer models, we’ve got the solution for mounting on your powered or non-powered computer cart. Our brackets are designed to hold the label printer securely to the cart without taking up valuable work surface space. Mounted in easy-to-access spots, the label printers do not interfere with the display or laptop screens but are quickly accessible.