Contact Tracing & Visitor Managment


Contact Tracing

Since the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the United States, the term contact tracing has become part of the everyday vernacular. But what exactly is contact tracing and how does it help?

First off, let's define what contact tracing is. Contact tracking is essentially a record of interactions of people and equipment. It will allow insight into who came in contact with who and what. For example, if an infected person enters your facility by knowing who and what they came in contact with adds a layer of defense against the spread of disease. 

IMS works with our partner CenTrak to provide an accurate record of location data for staff, patients, visitors, and assets as well as information regarding interactions among them. Location data includes who made contact and the length of time spent in the respected area.

Contact tracing is important for facilities to help control the spread of COVID-19 because it quickly identifies only those affected, saving time and resources.

How do you get started with contact tracing? It begins with a phone call (1-800-968-3135) or email to IMS to start the conversation. 

Visitor Management

As a result of COVID-19, some facilities are mandated by local governments to conduct visitor temperature checks at regular intervals while limiting visitor access throughout the facility. With our partner, CenTrak's location services, visitors can now be easily located and real-time reminders can be sent to staff, informing them of missed temperature readings. Should a visitor decide to move around the facility, their location is automatically updated, so that staff can quickly find the individual for their next reading and, if necessary, intervene to redirect them back to their approved location. Should the patient or visitor tests positive, movement history and interaction reports can be easily viewed by staff and the affected individuals can be notified.

How do you get started with visitor management? It begins with a phone call (1-800-968-3135) or email to IMS to start the conversation. 

Asset Tracking & Management asset management

Managing an effective workflow is one step closer to reducing rental expenses and optimizing equipment utilization. One component to managing an effective workflow is asset tracking and management. When staff members are under pressure, they do not have time to search for medical equipment such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices. Instant visibility on the location of equipment: available, unavailable, dirty, in use, or being cleaned maximizes staff time and reduces the need to hoard equipment.

With an asset tracking and management system in place, staff knows the exact location and condition on much needed critical resources. A Best of Breed approach offers the right solution for asset utilization with state of the art infrastructure to ease of use software.

With an RTLS management system, asset tags are placed on mobile medical equipment and software is custom configured for specific needs within your facility or facilities. Asset tags seamlessly communicate with existing systems, providing key data on the exact location and condition in real time. Staff can access real-time reports on where the equipment and what the status of the equipment: available, unavailable, dirty, in use, or being cleaned. When seconds count, caregivers can access critical equipment quickly. Enabling and creating work processes that are measurable and repeatable. It speeds up workflows, resulting in better overall patient care and patient satisfaction. >>For More Information >>


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