Adult Security (Passport)

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The Passport™ system is for protecting adult patients at risk of flight or discharge against medical advice in Emergency and other departments. Protecting the physical safety of patients in busy hospital settings is not an easy task. The Passport security system offers a reliable method to protect against patient flight, wandering and abduction.

Whether in the emergency department, rehabilitation unit, or mental health area, hospitals need to protect patients who are in danger to themselves or to others. The Passport system is the only product specifically designed to provide individual protection to flight-risk patients, without interrupting workflow. Staff can concentrate on patient care, while Passport takes care of Security.

Passport is unique in that it offers tag "TAMPER" protection. If a patient tries to remove the tag, an alarm will sound and the perimeter can be locked to prevent the patient from leaving.

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Key features of Passport:

  • Tamper-resistant tag with cut-resistant band: Passport tag resists unauthorized removal, and will immediately alarm should the attempt be successful.
  • Re-attachable band: Passport tag can be quickly removed when a patient needs to go for medical procedures and then re-attached using the same band. This saves time and money.
  • Re-enroll feature: When a patient returns from a medical procedure and the tag is re-attached, it is automatically re-enrolled in the system and re-associated with the right patient data.
  • Personalized security: Patients can be allowed to pass through some exits without causing an alarm. Access can be tailored to each patient based on their risk factors, as well as restricted based on the time of day.
  • Common infrastructure with Hugs & Pedz: Passport shares a platform with the Hugs infant protection system and Pedz pediatric protection system.
  • Flexible deployment options: Choose different levels of performance based on the needs of the specific patient population. The Passport system allows different levels of protection in different departments.


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