Time and time again, we have walked into acute care facilities and learned the health system they had installed by a competitor 2 years ago doesn’t work. Upon further discussion, we realize it never did. One of the biggest challenges facing hospitals today is ensuring the capital expenditure in which they invested is operable and delivers a significant ROI. How can your facility ensure operability of said system?


Steps to assist in future proofing your investment:

  • Make changes stick. Support the changes with process improvements that are both measurable and communicated early and often. Schedule checkups and reviews to ensure the changes stick while supporting the new system functions. Change management is crucial to the overall success of the project.
  • Turnover is inevitable. What is your long-term training plan? Does your training cover troubleshooting system issues along with operational and business intelligence? A well-rounded training program will cover all three aspects and more.
  • Maintenance of systems. Unforeseen events happen, equipment breaks, and staff is busy 24/7. Hospitals are constantly under construction, batteries die, and work flow changes. Who oversees all this and ensures everything runs systemically and continuously?
  • Business intelligence. What kind of output reports showcase the anticipated ROI? Who is reading the data and reporting its success and progress? Understand the benefits of using business intelligence.
  • Future of the system. When installing a system-wide infrastructure, components can often include a mix of technologies. A single piece of technology does not always cover all the future interoperability components and use cases. Make sure to look at the big picture and the expected long term results.
  • Staffing. Who is responsible for troubleshooting and maintenance of the system? Do batteries need to be changed? Do components need to be located and cleaned? Enable proper staffing to ensure smooth systems operation.
  • Technological advancements. Are you installing the latest technology or are you settling for a substandard technology because you aren’t sure who to trust? Don’t all suppliers offer the latest and greatest? A reputable vendor is key to ensuring you have the best system for your organization.

Finding a trusted consultant who can guide your organization through the complexity of these steps is key to understanding where to start. When selecting a vendor to guide you through these steps, look for someone who:

  • Represents a wide variety of technologies
  • Offers 24/7 support
  • Carries a solid reputation within the healthcare industry
  • Provides ongoing training and checkups to ensure optimal use
  • Provides a support program that fits your needs
  • Can customize a solution for your environment, workflow, and future

Innovative Medical Systems has experience with all of the above. We still have our first Hugs Infant Security System customer, and their system is still fully operational 19 years later. Talk about making a smart investment. Let’s discuss where you are and what you want to accomplish. We take pride in listening to your needs, and in the hospital we make it all work together.