One of the quality traits of IMS, uncommon for employers today, is employee retention.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average employee stays at a job for only 4 years. At IMS we pride ourselves on having most of our staff employed well over 4 years, with 20% employed over 15 years! The reason for IMS's retention rate is because IMS treats staff like family.  The owners have always focused on treating employees well.  

Over the next several months, we will introduce you to some of our employees that have worked for IMS the longest.  We are excited to highlight them and put a face to the name of someone you may talk to here at IMS.

Our first long-timer is Dan Zarzecki, or as we refer to him here at the office, Dan Z.  Dan has worked for IMS for 23 of our 29 years.  When he started working at IMS there were only 15 employees.  One of my favorite things about Dan is his friendly demeanor and he also makes a mean sauerkraut and sausage dish, homage to his polish background.  When not at work, one of his hobbies is model railroading.

dan z.jpg

Recently, I sat down with Dan to ask a few questions about himself and his time working at IMS:

What brought you to IMS?
I knew the owners; Dan, Jack and Ray from a previous job.  So, when they were looking to add to their team, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them again.

What is your current position and how has it evolved or changed since you started working here?
I currently work as a project manager for Patient Security System (PSS) projects.  I am the main technical contact the hospital works with during a PSS installation. I make sure all the work gets completed correctly and on schedule. I moved to this position after being an install technician for many years.  Performing installations gave me the knowledge I needed to move into project management when the company started to grow.
What are the biggest changes you have seen in the company or industry since starting at IMS?
The vendors we have worked with have changed over the years but we have always adapted and moved forward.  No matter the vendor or the product, we make it work and always give a 100%.

What is your fondest IMS memory?
I love the annual employee Christmas parties and the holidays.  They are as memorable as a family Christmas party – games, prizes, presents, yummy food and many laughs.
Why have you stayed working at IMS?
I appreciate what this company offered me through the years.  The biggest reason being a good, hard-working Christian environment.
What do you think is IMS biggest strength it offers its customers?
DEDICATION.  No matter the size of the project or the sale, we are completely dedicated to our customers and their needs.
What would you hope to see in the future for IMS?
I hope there is more diversity brought to IMS by adding more vendors, which brings along new challenges and new customers.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?
  1. I married an older woman (about 14 hours older)
  2. I delivered our 2nd child at home – on the couch
  3. I own 2 toboggans, 6 sleds, 3 saucers, a snow board, and various other plastic sledding paraphernalia.
Next time you call in and talk technical jargon with Dan Z., you may want to ask about that unexpected home birth.  Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs on the people whose many years of service at IMS have made this company who we are today.