Why Infant Security?


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We all have a responsibility to protect those who can't protect themselves.

Over 130 abductions of infants from hospitals in the US*
  • Only reports documented cases of a “successful” abduction by a non-family member
  • Abductions by a family member are not included
  • Unsuccessful abduction attempts are not included
Abductions occur in multiple locations*
  • Mother's room: 58% 
  • Nursery: 13%
  • Pediatrics: 13%
  • "On premises": 16%
Wrongful Discharge is a Joint Commission Sentinel Event
  • Mix-ups presenting the wrong infant to the wrong mother
    • Considerably more common than infant abduction but no official statistics are kept
    • Regularly makes media headlines all over the world. However diligent and well trained the hospital staff may be, the sheer number of mother/baby transfers every day simply provide opportunity for human error
    • Misreading infant or mother bracelet information
    • Bracelet falling off ankle or wrist, which is particularly common with newborns
    • Bed mix-ups, in which a child is removed for bathing or treatment then returned to the wrong bed
    • Mix-ups of babies with similar or identical names
    • Misreading of ID numbers
    • Inadequate verification processes
    • Parents who are not fluent in the staff’s native language

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