Time & Material

Software and Hardware Support

Telephone/Remote Access Support

Telephone Support including system remote access capabilities for system diagnostics and operational troubleshooting
Available with authorization of a purchase order only(recommend issuing a standing purchase order #). $135.00/hr M - F normal business hours (8 AM - 5 PM) $202.50/hr outside normal business hours, weekends, and holidays. Telephone Support is free of charge.

Monthly Database Maintenance

Monthly system database maintenance and download for reporting and backup. One year of backups maintained by IMS. In event of a server failure or data loss, IMS can restore customer data on a loaner File Server to restore system operation with minimal down time.
$135.00 per month

Monthly Alarm Reporting

Formulation and review of monthly alarm reports with system bench marking. Includes consultation if required based on bench marking results.
$135.00 per month for reports. Consulting available at $135.00/hour.

Inservices Training

One day of onsite staff inservice and refresher training by IMS
Corporate Trainer.
$1,890.00 per day

Software Maintenance Agreement

Included. (If SMA is current)
Includes renewal of annual software maintenance agreement (SMA) charge, which is based on the tags, devices, and applications that are installed on your system.
If software features or addition devices are desired for existing system: Must pay for the software maintenance (SMA) agreement from the previous expiration date plus 20% and the new annual SMA. Also, $135.00/hour for technical support and travel time to install.

Software Upgrades

Travel and labor to install software upgrades that are made available by the manufacturer. System enhancements (features not originally purchased with the system) are not included with any support agreement options. Historically there have been at least two upgrades per year.
Without a valid SMA: Must pay for the Stanley™ software maintenance (SMA) agreement from the previous expiration date plus 20% and the new annual SMA. Also, $135.00/hour for technical support and travel time to install. With a vailid SMA: standard hourly rates apply for installation.

Annual System Recertification

Annual System operational recertification and documentation review and updates.
Cost depends upon size of the system, distance for travel. IMS can provide a quotation.

Tag Testing

In-house operational testing of tags
Tags sent in for testing:
Under warranty and defective - $0
Under warranty and no problem found - $33.75
Out of warranty - $33.75

Workstation and Part Repairs or Replacements

Current list or exchange prices
Current Standard Prices

Labor and Travel

Labor and travel for unscheduled on site services calls.
Available with a purchase order only, must have PO prior to on site support (recommend issuing a standing PO). $135.00/hr 8AM - 5PM M - F, $202.50/hr outside normal business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Technical Training

Technical system training includes system operation, software (SW) and hardware (HW) diagnostics, SW and HW configuration, database and reporting tools, and system troubleshooting. Technical training available at IMS office in Grand Rapids, MI two times per year.
Not available

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