Time & Material

Software and Hardware Support

Telephone/Remote Access Support

Telephone Support including system remote access capabilities for system diagnostics and operational troubleshooting
Telephone Support is free of charge. Remote Access Support available with authorization of a purchase order. Standard rates apply M-F normal business hours (8am - 5pm) and Overtime rates outside normal business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Monthly Database Maintenance

Where applicable
Standard hourly rates apply.

Software Maintenance Agreement

Where applicable includes renewal of annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) fees for your system.
Standard SMA rates apply plus any required technical support and travel time to install.

Software Upgrades

Labor and when applicable travel to install software upgrades that are made available by the manufacturer. System enhancements (features not originally purchased with the system are not included with any support agreement options.
Standard SMA rates apply plus any required technical support and travel time to install.

Annual System Recertification

When applicable Annual System operational recertification and documentation review and updates.
Standard hourly rates apply.

Accessory Testing

When applicable in-house operational testing of accessories.
Standard hourly rates apply.

Component Repairs or Replacements

Repair or replacement of defective devices
Current Standard Prices

Break/Fix Labor and Travel

Labor and travel for unscheduled on site services calls.
Standard and Overtime rates apply

Inservices Training

One day of onsite staff inservice and refresher training by IMS
Corporate Trainer.
Standard hourly rates apply.

Technical Training

Technical system training includes system operation, software and hardware diagnostics, configuration, reporting tools, and system trouble shooting.
Not available

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