We offer screening area carts - ranging from tablet roll stands, wall mounted units, to full size carts that can be outfitted with all the technology and tools you need. Please let us know if you have URGENT requirements. We are committed to prioritizing your items to help set up testing areas, telehealth rooms, and isolation rooms ahead of other non-essential orders.  


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COVID all carts


We also offer isolation carts with washable mice and keyboards, that can be fitted with Sani-Cloth holders, and LCD screen glass overlays for easy screen cleaning.  See what this configuration looks like below:

Telehealth Sequence #2


Efficient Telehealth means having the right accessories on your carts. Outfit your Telehealth carts with accessories that are essential to diagnosing including, but not limited to: blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, thermometer, otoscope, iris scope, wireless body analysis scale, Sani-Cloth holders, and much more. 

Additionally, our washable keyboards and mice make a great addition for washability and infection control.

Washable Keyboards Mice650


Asking questions to assist in selecting the right investment in Telehealth equipment sounds like:

  1. What are the primary use cases for Telehealth?
  2. What is the current work flow for this type of care?
  3. How will the telehealth call be transmitted? Video connection? Camera capability?
  4. Are additional Wi-Fi resources needed for effective video transmissions?
  5. What is the audio capability of the equipment?
  6. How will the system allow physicians to collaborate with each other on diagnosis?