Helping Prepare Your Simulation Lab - Nursing Students Gain Experiential Learning in a Simulation Lab 


We have been working with a variety of nursing schools across the US outfitting simulation labs with computer carts, medical carts and equipment to create a realistic environment. Simulation labs are interactive and provide safe but realistic scenarios for students to learn from. These simulation labs allow nursing students a place to build self-confidence, practice skills, and collaborate with faculty and other nursing students in a safe environment.DCT1B35LCD Cart w-drawer


"Here in the Owens Community College nursing labs, we pride ourselves in keeping equipment and practices in line with what students are seeing in the real world clinical setting.  In terms of teaching medication administration, this meant that we needed to move from the traditional paper medication administration records and outdated medication carts to a more modern form of delivery.  For us that meant investing in EMR carts.  We started with the purchase of a few carts to see how they would work for us.  We did some research and found carts would best meet our needs.  The carts have been a wonderful addition to the labs, allowing students to practice medication administration with increased realism and fidelity.  We have since purchased multiple carts for all of the labs in our program, including the recent addition of 3 carts for use in our high fidelity simulation labs.  Our creative lab staff were able to create realistic medication administration records for all of our practice and testing patients.  These MARs allow students to experience increased preparation for passing medication in the clinical setting.  The scanners add to the realism by reinforcing safe medication administration practices.  The customer service at Innovative Medical has been excellent and our needs have been responded to in a quick and professional manner.  I would recommend the EMR carts for any educational healthcare setting!"


 Michelle Shephard MSN, RN, Assistant Chair, Nursing Lab Operations, Owens Community College, Toledo,OH 


Healthcare is about delivering transformational care in clinics and acute care settings. Simulation labs give students real world experience in a realistic setting with computer carts and medication delivery computer carts.


Is your school working with:


  • Federal or State grants
  • Real medical equipment
  • Mock hospital rooms

Convergint Innovative Medical offers locking or non-locking drawers to simulate medication delivery. Carts can also include barcode scanner mounts for distributing meds and scanning barcodes. One of the newest workflow modified carts is the Mobile Bedside Sedation Cart, a cart designed with your specific workflow in mind.  Our carts provide space for laptops or computers with monitors. We can provide turn-key solutions that include washable keyboard/mouse and an all-in-one PC to allow for quick setup and deployment to your simulation lab.