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According to Wikipedia, rooming-in is defined as "The practice followed in hospitals where the baby's crib is kept by the side of the mother's bed. This arrangement gives an opportunity for the mother and father to know their baby. The bond between the parent and the child is well established in roomed-in babies. There is a better chance of success with breast-feeding in roomed-in babies. Parents do not have the fear of baby-switching while roomed-in." This shift in having the baby at the mothers side 24/7, has created a shift in workflow responsibilities. What was once done in the nursery, is now being done in the room which has resulted in new workflows.

All these solutions were derived by devising a solutions to alleviate a concern a hospital had. We worked hand in hand with our manufacture to develop a cost effect solutions that resolved the problem. We strive to make your job simpler by developing products that are built to align with your workflow.IMS's relationship with the OB over the years has been one of practical solutions that offer solutions that help the transition and expedite workflows. Yet maintain the room aesthetics and maximize infection control. Some of the unique solutions we have provide to OB departments is as follows:

Bathinet Bathinet-Cart-open.jpg

Immersion bathing; as this concept has emerged, IMS has been at the forefront in working hand in hand with our vendor to design an in-room mobile bathing unit. The "Bathinet" has made infant bathing in-room an efficient part of the workflow. There are reports that say immersion bathing has been somewhat controversial and clinical staff are hesitant but there is also lots of emerging documentation that this is becoming a leading initiative. 


Compact Bassinet compact bass 2.jpg

  • Specially designed to assist with “rooming-in” and fall risk avoidance as well as the desire to have a non-clinical aesthetic, rather one that is more ‘spa’ or home-like in its appearance. 
  • Rooming-in: the practice, to varying degrees, of the newborn being with its mother for much of or for the entire duration of the hospital stay versus the more traditional practice of newborns being kept in the nursery.
  • Fall risk avoidance: Pregnant women statistically show a higher fall risk percentage than even persons 70 years and older.


Scale Carts 

Weighing the infant in the room has created an more efficient workflow. scale cart.jpg
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