Pediatric Patient Security

PEDZ Patient Security patient and child

The Pedz system comes to you from the same team behind Hugs, the world's leading infant protection system. The two systems are fully compatible, support each other’s tags, and can share infrastructure devices. Pediatric departments face risks that go well beyond stranger abduction, and that can't be countered with standard access-control measures that only keep the danger out. In the case of family abduction and patient flight, the danger is already inside. A pediatric protection system provides protection against all the risks you face.

To understand how the Pedz system is built for the pediatric world, start with the Pedz tag. It's the only product offering both tamper protection and a cut-resistant band held inside the tag with a clamp. Not only is it difficult for an abductor to remove, but kids can play with it without causing nuisance alarms. If an abductor or flight-prone patient ever succeeds in detaching the tag, you will immediately be notified. An alarm appears in the Pedz software at computers throughout the department or you can also be notified via pager.

pediatric security bracelet

PEDZ Pediatric Security features:

  • Tamper-resistant tag with cut-resistant band
  • Re-attachable band
  • Tag re-enroll feature
  • Patient locate feature
  • Personalized security for each patient
  • "Cool" tag that kids can personalize
  • Band is cut to length for custom fit
  • Infant tag for very young patients
  • Tag sends regular "OK" signals
  • No manual checks required to verify tag or system operation

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