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Workplace violence can have a significant toll on businesses and their staff. Aside from the injury posed to employees, customers, and others, workplace violence can impact employee morale, performance, the work environment, the establishment's brand, and pose liability risks that could result in significant expense. RTLS technology is specifically designed for safety use-cases and provides the most advanced, accurate, reliable, and flexible real-time location data so that timely assistance can be given to assist staff in threatening or dangerous situations. RTLS patient safety. Improves patient care and satisfaction by installing an easy to use RTLS solution that will enable clinical staff to spend less time managing a patient security system and more time focusing on caring for patients.

Benefits for Patient Safety

  • Seamlessly automate patient -staff contact
  • Increase hospital capacity by effectively managing patient flow
  • Manage patient elopement and wandering
  • Increase HCAHPS scores by enhancing patient experience
  • Track patient interaction, limit location and endangerment for Alzheimer and Dementia patients
  • Decrease falls with prevention
  • Find efficiencies with clinical -patient workflow

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