Patient Elopement and Wandering


Protect your facility from a NEVER event: Patient death or serious disability associated with patient elopement (disappearance) for more than four hours 1

Insuring that unwanted elopement NEVER happens at your facility can be an automated process that is effective and cost efficient. Wandering patients or residents, injuries suffered by a patient or resident while wandering, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility can burden caregivers, staff, and family unnecessarily. RTLS provides discreet, flexible solutions for helping solve potentially dangerous situations like patient and resident wandering and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility without compromising freedom of movement.

Installing RTLS for patient elopement will not only prevent elopement but it will also open avenues for other potential use cases. The brilliance of a real-time location system (RTLS) lays in both its intelligence and sheer simplicity. The system allows for patient safety and security with state-of-the-art technology.

The location platform allows patients the freedom to interact with others, while allowing your facility the freedom to adjust rules and access at the individual patient level. A system entirely programmable, empowers patients with a healthy feeling of freedom while still ensuring their safety and security. The system, for example, allows patients to pass through certain access points, while other exits and other patients remain secured.

Patient Benefits:

  • Freedom to interact with others
  • Ability to use facility’s resources without sense of “lock-down”
  • Safety from wandering into dangerous areas
  • Flexibility to adjust rules and access at the individual level
  • Customizable by severity (high-risk vs. low-risk patients)

Facility Benefits:

  • Becomes the first line of defense
  • Enables quick response to wandering
  • Programmable; allows facility to set the rules


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