Mobile Bedside Sedation Cart 

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Improve your bedside delivery work flow for patient sedation-analgesia with a dedicated cart that allows faster, more efficient care delivery, minimizes potential for error-causing work arounds and enhances patient safety and satisfaction. IMS and Capsa Healthcare developed this powered cart for a leading academic medical center to integrate med/narc storage, charting, patient monitoring and telemetry to perform bedside sedation from a compact, mobile platform used throughout their campus.



  • Biopsy: Liver, Bone Marrow
  • Imaging: X-ray radiography, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT), nuclear medicine including Positron Emission, Tomography (PET).
  • Endoscopy Procedures: Any procedure needed bedside for diagnosis and visualization.
  • Pain Management: Sedation employed to relax a patient who is recovering from a procedure, painful event.
  • Wound Care: Dressing change.
  • Pediatrics, Impaired/Disabled Patients: For patients who do not understand their situation and need sedation to recover.

 Special Features

  • 40AHr Lithium Iron Phosphate battery– provides ample transit run time for any size campus, small or large.
  • Multi-LED Power Display– Prominent display of cart battery charge status.
  • Keyboard Drawer– built-in with USB hub for quick, easy connection or replacement of keyboard, mouse.
  • Ample Work Surface– includes a slide-out extension surface.
  • Enhanced Infection Control Design – minimizes surfaces & crevices to clean, places for fluids to pool.
  • Locking
    • Keyless, patented cart lock– built-in SecureCatch™ feature, jam-proof design features and allows selective drawer locking capability for ‘always open’ drawers if desired
    • Badge-swipe access control option available
    • Narcotics storage options:PIN-access drawer or multiple ‘box’ options with BEST™ (replaceable) core lock
  • Steering Caster– Easy-to-engage/disengage; it improves cart handling, minimizes steering effort when not at bedside—especially for traversing hallways in transit.
  • Central Display Support– Accommodates even 24” displays for any EMR system.
  • CPU Compartment– lockable, ventilated door; VESA and strap-mounting for variety of form factors.
  • Hospital-grade Power Cord, Multi-plug Power Strip– Single plug-in at bedside or when ‘parked’ for charging cart battery, telemetry and patient monitor batteries; 15’ cord and cord tray.
  • VESA Mounts and Universal Mounting Channels – Flexible mounting options for equipment, suction regulator/canister (note: hospital’s biomed responsible for fashioning a mounting plate for suction regulator and canister to Capsa Universal Mounting Channels)
  • Accessories to support work flow:IV pole; sharps container; drawer dividers, bins, tubs, anesthesia trays, etc.
  • Enhanced Value and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – features that keep the cart looking ‘new’ and functioning well beyond another carts life span
    • Color-through polymer body panels retain color if scratched; won’t dent
    • Molded-in handle never loosens
    • Durable construction – drawers operate smoothly for the life of the cart due to a welded steel tube bottom frame and jig-assembled aluminum upper frame to prevent ‘racking’
    • 5-Year Warranty (see full warranty for details)

Downloadable Assets

Bedside Mobile Sedation Cart