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In many senior living communities, staff share a single code for controlling doors and bypassing the wander management system. Any time there is a change in staff, the code must be updated—with all hardware changed and all employees informed. In reality, however, the code may persist long after staff members resign or are let go. That can create very real security risks for residents as well as staff. Because it enables individual codes, WanderGuard BLUE avoids those risks. The app enables you to quickly make changes to the user population without disrupting day-to-day operations. You can also implement changes to all door controllers with the speed and ease you expect from a well-designed mobile app.

Another area where WanderGuard BLUE breaks new ground: tag testing. With legacy systems, staff typically had to physically locate and bring each resident to a workstation to check their tag. WanderGuard BLUE’s wireless detector makes it possible to check tag status and battery level simply by walking near a tagged resident. Tag testing is now fast, effcient and unobtrusive. 

When it comes to wander management, WanderGuard BLUE truly gives you more: Elegant design. Streamlined installation and configuration. Simpler day-today management. Plus the ability to implement both wander management and general access control within your community—and the opportunity to leverage the Arial® Emergency Call Platform for integrated wander management alerts and sophisticated reporting and audit capabilities.

Door Controller 1 WG BLUE-Lock and Controller

Directly controls the door lock. Can be controlled via user credentials or indoor and outdoor keypads, and can be installed on the wall above the door, or on the ceiling above an exit. 



Indoor Keypad  1 WG BLUE Int Keypad-Ready-Front

Access a door with visitor, bypass or user PIN codes. Simple display shows system status, errors, events, time and day information. Includes a buzzer that can be activated upon alarm and events.  (An outdoor keypad is also an option)


Manager monitor-1

Wirelessly manages Door Controller Settings, Day-Night schedule, Events, Users, and more. Allows confguration of a Door Controller to be copied and then pasted on other controllers. Easily scan for Tags and Door Controllers within range and display their status



Detector detector

Conveniently activate tags and check tag battery levels. 





Small Resident Tag tag

One of the smallest wander management tags on the market. Low Frequency receiver and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) transmitter. Your choice: a standard 90-day battery or the industry’s only 3-year battery


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