Arial Wander Management - Emergency Call & Nurse Call




Emergency Call and Nurse Call

The Arial platform can leverage a community’s existing Wi-Fi network or be deployed as a turnkey installation. It combines a Call Station and Pendant to enable residents to easily call for help from anywhere in the community. In addition to all existing Arial call stations, pendants and transmitters, Arial can support newly designed Wi-Fi Call Stations and Pendants as part of a Wi-Fi deployed system.

When a resident activates a call point or pendant, a signal is sent to the server computer over the wireless network. It also provides built-in wander management capability. With this application, residents deemed at risk of wandering wear a small and discreet bracelet, and exits are monitored by door devices. When a resident approaches a monitored exit, the door can either be locked to prevent egress or an alarm can be generated in the Arial software. In addition to distress alerts, the solution offers a daily check-in feature built into the unique STANLEY call station for residents to indicate they are okay. If this does not happen, an alert is generated in the software and sent to notification devices. 

The Arial solution enables consolidated event management from a variety of devices and systems, including:
• Motion Detectors
• Smoke Detectors
• Door and Window Sensors
• Temperature and Humidity Monitors
• Glass Break Sensors
• Fall Monitors

Arial can also integrate nurse call infrastructure already in place—including both wireless and hard-wired nurse call systems—thus leveraging your previous investments.

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