Wander Management

Senior living communities have used wander management solutions for many years. These solutions have addressed the central challenge of safeguarding wander-prone residents while preserving their dignity and mobility. Yet, wander management solutions have been “industrial grade”— focusing on function more than form.


Introducing Stanley Healthcare's WanderGuard BLUE - the Next-Generation Wander Management Solution - built using entirely updated technology, including Bluetooth Low energy, setting a higher standard for wander management. Like the solutions that came before, it is an effective solution for monitoring and protection of residents at risk of wandering. But that's where the similarities end.

WanderGuard BLUE is truly different - and here is why. Integrated technology provides for fewer components and a clean, aesthetic installed appearance. Bluetooth wireless technology allows for smart, simple remote configuration and management with the use of a mobile application. The feature-rich components support extended functionality and integrations providing a scalable and future-ready solution. 

WanderGuard BLUE key features:

  • Standalone System: WanderGuard Blue is a completely stand alone door wander management solution
  • Simple Management: Manage your solution through the WanderGuard Blue Android Application
  • Minimalist Design: Integrated technology provides for fewer components and a clean, aesthetic installed appearance
  • Display Keypad: Convenient keypad placed adjacent to the protected door with display
  • Small Wristband: WanderGuard Blue features the smallest resident tag available on the market
  • Affordable Install: Less components allow for an affordable and scalable installation
  • Compilance: The WanderGuard Blue system is UL294 certified
  • Integration: Integrated door controller, exciter and antenna in the same housing
  • Access Control: Can manage user pin codes, supports inputs and outputs, can protect perimeter doors

WanderGuard BLUE is a wander management solution that looks better, is easier to use, does more and costs less than other comparable products, but also one that creates a pathway to more advanced functionality in the future.

Sleek, Simple and Powerful Components door way

Its integrated technology requires fewer components, streamlining the installation process and decreasing the cost. Additionally, the solution’s contemporary design makes it aesthetically pleasing. Also have the Smallest Resident Tag made. Low Frequency receiver and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitter, with either a 90-day or 3-year battery life. One of the market’s smallest wander management tags


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Arial Emergency and Nurse Call ariel

From a caregivers’ perspective, they need actionable information in order to respond to emergency call alarms in a timely manner, document resident encounters and communicate with co-workers on an ongoing basis. Additionally, administrators require the ability to generate reports for compliance requirements, family discussions and the development of resident care plans.

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