Full Support

Software and Hardware Support

Telephone/Remote Access Support

Telephone Support including system remote access capabilities for system diagnostics and operational troubleshooting
Included 24/7 Unlimited Calls

Access To System Monitoring Service

Access to the software's monitoring service providing the ability to view the status of all tags/devices reporting to the system.

Monthly Monitoring of System Components and Battery Status

Monthly monitoring of the battery status for all devices and tags reporting to the system.


Monthly Configuration Maintenance and System Backup

Monthly backups of the system configuration and maintenance.

System/Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Software As A Subscription (SaaS)

System/Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) from CenTrak, which provides for software updates and includes an extended warranty on all serviceable tags and system components (excludes batteries and consumable tags).

**Also includes any additional Software as a Subscription (SaaS) fees, if applicable.
**Unless otherwise purchased separately.


Scheduled Onsite Service Trips

Onsite visits for maintenance and battery replacement.

**Number of onsite visits may vary depending on the IMS Support Agreement.


Labor To Replace Tag/Device Batteries

Resources to replace batteries in all devices and Asset/Temperature Tags as indicated by the systems monitoring software.

**To be completed during scheduled onsite service trips.
**Excludes the cost of the batteries.
**Does not include labor to replace batteries for staff badges, patient tags, or non-serviceable tags.


Part Repairs or Replacements

Repair or replacement of defective devices and servicable tags

Software Upgrades

Onsite or remote installation of software upgrades that are made available by the manufacturer.

Annual System Inspection & Tag Testing

Annual onsite inspection of all system components. **Includes exit testing for Patient Security Systems

In-house operational testing of tags


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