Patient Security-Advantages To Your Hospital

Increase Patient Safety

  • Receive notification within seconds of an event

Saves moneyhospital.jpg

  • How much have you lost in litigation?
  • Can you put a price on your reputation?

Staff can save time, increase efficiencies, and maximize resources

  • Nurses do not have to be with patients 24/7
  • Tag assists in patient location and if not in a safe area, automatically alerts staff

Improve customer service, reduce churn, increase patient loyalty

  • It shows you care about their family and want to keep them safe and protected

History.pngDevelopment of the Patient Security System

The use of Patient Security Systems (PSS) started out in the late 1980’s as a simple way to protect wandering patients.  A radio frequency ID (RFID) tag was placed on the patient’s wrist or ankle.  Another RFID device was placed at key exits leading out of the facility.  The tag would either cause an alarm at each protected exit or lock each protected exit when the tagged patient was present.  This technology begin to translate into the world of Obstetrics (OB), as “infant abductions” began to be better documented, and later to the world of Pediatrics (PEDS) with more and more strained family relationships. 

As the Baby boomers begin to age, the risk for wandering patients continues to increase as well, making the need to protect these older patients, particularly those prone to wandering, a continual need in both acute care and long-term care facilities.  Finally, there is also a large concern with other potential adult wandering patients such as brain injured patients trying to leave the hospital and low level psychiatric patients being held in the Emergency Room.  These patients require constant monitoring to keep them safe.  From new infants to older children, to aging adults, each group has clearly began to be considered as a potential risk for the hospital.

What Should A Hospital Look For In A Patient Security System?

  • Hospitals need a system that is simple to use by its staff, easy to identify by its patients, and yet highly effective in its security
  • Hospitals need integrators with knowledge, experience and reliable 24/7 support
  • Hospitals will benefit on the longevity on a system that uses “cutting edge” of technology
  • Hospitals that have options for installation and applications will increase 
  • Hospitals should talk to other customers who have purchased a system to get the do's and don'ts
  • Hospitals should evaluate the highest level of security at a cost effective price point
  • Make sure the system can meet the needs of all patients in the hospital
  • Will the system last for a long time bringing a greater return on investment?

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