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Nurse server carts (medical and supply carts) are specifically designed to improve workflow efficiency and elevate patient care by keeping tools and supplies organized, no matter the application. Medical and supply carts are customizable to fit specific workflow and clinical needs. Seamless drawer trays with integral drawer dividers to virtually indestructible frames these medical and supply carts offer superior performance and value year after year. What is more, each cart comes with a five-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

Medical Carts that are a generation beyond the “metal tool box” Improved aesthetics. Won’t dent or corrode. Designed for enhanced infection control with features to improve your work flow in any unit; built for the 24/7/365 demands of healthcare…and competitively priced.

Patented Locking System
  • Lock only drawer(s) you need locked; Top-only, bottom-only or any other combination
  • Reconfigure which drawers “lock”; Workflow changes can be done on site, by facilities staff, with simple tools, in minimal time
  • SecureCatchTM: secures a drawer within 1” of fully closed
Drawers to Fit your Workflow
  • Drawers that open fully to access to contents in the rear of the drawer
  • Drawers that stay closed when the cart is in motion
  • Drawer Configurations 3”, 6”, 9” high; configured in the combination and sequence you need
  • Integrated and flexible divider system to best suit your units workflow
Durability and Engineering
  • Welded tubular steel base & jig-assembled frame - drawers don’t bind, for the life of the cart
  • Precision casters keep it rolling smoothly, quietly; Lock tabs are easy to lock and unlock
  • Color-thru HDPE body panels mean a lifelong ‘new looking’ cart without touching up like metal carts
  • 5-Year warranty to back it up with confidence.
Stability and Infection Control
  • Proprietary ‘pyramid’ shape positions casters at corners for greatest stability over thresholds and transition strips
  • Easy access to caster tabs for lock and/or steering control
  • No external bumper improves infection control and aesthetics
  • Infection control through easy-to-wipe HDPE body panels and seamless drawer design.

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