IT Station-Computer Wall Arms


Looking for a computer wall arm that does more than just hold a keyboard and display? Adjustable height? Tight Space? Single sign-on card reader? Tough enough to handle a 24/7 environment? Different extension lengths are even available to fit various rooms and articulation toward the patient.


Patient Room Combo Arm

This mounting solution promotes efficient work flow, proper ergonomics, infection control, is easy to install, configure computer hardware, and manage cables.


Variable Height Channel Mount

Great for use in OR - ICU - ED. When space is tight but height adjustability and ergonomics are important,an adjustable height channel is a great fit.

Anesthesia machine mount with users.jpg


Solutions for most Anesthesia Machines - Computer Mounting

Mounting a computer on an anesthesia machine that already has a plethora of devices can be challenging.

VHM25 display arm.jpg 

Clinic/Physician Office

Clinics and Doctor's Offices have different computer mounting needs than hospitals, because work flows are different. In these settings both the patient and clinician are more mobile and the rooms are not used 24/7, so the computer wall mount arms are evaluated using a different set of criteria.


Tight Small Space Solution

Many healthcare spaces were designed and built before computers were needed for patient care. Where square footage is limited and there's no room for a computer cart and the clinician, a wall mount is the best option.

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