RTLS with Impressive ROI


Expect reductions and optimizations in many areas including but not limited to:

  1. Increasing reimbursements
  2. Reducing HAI’s
  3. Reducing asset rental costs
  4. Higher asset utilization
  5. Streamline workflow

Showing an ROI on an RTLS installation takes forethought and an eye for the big picture. Sometimes the full scope on hard and soft ROI can be difficult to understand and project? Why? Because many of the return measurements with RTLS have not been tracked before and often there is disbelief in the large ROI potential.

For Example: When the Director of Cardiology needs another intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), Purchasing could check utilization rates on current inventory. If utilization rates are high, they can make an informed decision and purchase a new IABP. They also have insight to see how long equipment has been dirty or clean. Instead of purchasing a new one, maybe a revised equipment process is the answer.

In the above example, there needs to be additional insight into the workflow to show measurable ROI. What are the savings when asset management is properly tracked? Less equipment rental? Equipment availability increases? Less time for staff locating clean equipment? Have you tracked the ROI on these types of saving? In the big picture, RTLS has been shown and proven to deliver a significant return on your investment dollar.

When looking at the full scope of an RTLS installation it is important to understand how the various use cases can significantly reduce costs, streamline workflows and show overall savings. To protect the investment from under delivering over time when there is no champion at the helm, selecting an integrator that will still be hands on with your system 18 months after installation is critical. IMS has experience in supporting installed systems, ensuring they are operational, staff is trained in their use, and ROIs are realized. We are the extension of your staff to protect your RTLS investment.


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