Workflow Modified Solutions for Medical Carts 

Medical Carts/Speciality Carts that are a generation beyond the “metal tool box” Improved aesthetics. Won’t dent or corrode. Designed for enhanced infection control with modifications to improve your work flow in any unit; built for the 24/7/365 demands of healthcare…and competitively priced.

At Innovative Medical Systems (IMS), we listen to your needs and design and integrate a solution that fits those needs. We don’t fit a square peg in a round hole to earn your business. To develop a medical or supply cart that fits your specific needs, we need to understand:

  • How will the cart be used?
  • What is the current workflow?
  • What problem are you looking to solve?
  • Does it increase workflow efficiency?
  • What cart accessories would enhance workflow?
    • Disposal: Waste or Sharps container
    • Glove Holder
    • Storage Bins
    • IV pole
    • Laptop arm
    • Locking drawers: all carts can incorporate an innovative locking system to keep supplies secure and offer flexibility of configuring what drawers “lock” or “not lock”. Etc.

Is JCAHO requiring a specific cart for your department, such as a Crash Cart?

We have designed numerous department level medical and supply carts. Here is a sampling of use case carts we have developed for various clients:

  • New clinic counter height requirements-ADA carts designed to fits nicely under ADA counters.
  • Hemorrhage Cart
  • Adult Crash Cart - Pediatric Crash Cart - NeoNatal Crash Cart
  • Anesthesia Cart for each OR
  • Difficult Airway cart
  • Nerve Block Cart
  • Fetal Monitor cart
  • Isolation Cart
  • Latex Free Cart

Medical, Specialty & Supply Carts By Department

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