Location Accuracy


Certainty based locating capability is critical for hospitals with an active RTLS system. A system needs to achieve accuracy in clinically relevant areas at the room level, bed level, chair level, bay level, hallway, nursing station and in other clinical areas. Another aspect to location accuracy is that it needs to be delivered with speed, for instance staff duress requires pinpoint location and immediate notification of a “situation”.

  • If your active RTLS system is not built for pinpoint accuracy and speed, is it time to re-evaluate your system?
  • What is the overall goal of the system?
  • Is your system achieving a measurable ROI? If an RTLS system, does not deliver these criteria, the technology behind the system should be re-evaluated.

An effective active RTLS system needs to be capable of capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds pinpointing accurate locations. 

Once these interactions are captured, the data is translated into readable and relatable reports. Data that can be utilized to automate healthcare applications such as asset management, staff duress, EMRs, patient flow and staff management.

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