Who we are



IMS was incorporated in 1988 with an initial  charter to market solutions for the integration of sensors that attached to patients, the bedside devices that conditioned and displayed that physiological data and the  computer systems which electronically collected and stored it. Today we are still heavily involved in information system medical devices and the patient data collection and display technologies used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and physician practice groups. The other area of focus is the integration of hospital patient security systems such as HUGS Infant Security, Roam Alert Patient Wander Systems, and Assetrac Asset Location and Control Systems.


All the department managers within IMS have at least twenty-five years of hands-on practical (not just theoretical) experience with medical devices, electronic system specification, installation and staff training. Backed up by competent department staffs, with over 250 years of combined experience, IMS is able to deliver to you, along with the device or system, the "been there done that knowledge" that results in the delivered system meeting your "real world, the way the clinicians really use it" needs.

IMS also provides warranty and post warranty technical support for all products. As the medical marketplace becomes more competitive, quality technical support can be difficult to find.  Today we still continue to provide a high level of support to our customer base. As a result, IMS has earned an enviable reputation with both customers and vendors for providing a high level of comprehensive after sales support.


A key emphasis for IMS is the integration of both mobile and fixed solutions for point of care data collection and display. We employ a biomedical technical support staff that understands the  requirements of supporting healthcare technology. We know from experience that the "one size fits all" approach does not work in the medical environment.

We can meet UL 60601-1 with a variety of solutions including mobile carts, mobile power, stand-alone or Integrated LCD\CPU solutions, or wall and desk mount combinations.

In the area of security systems, IMS has the internal capability and experience to effectively and correctly design, quote, install and after sale manage sophisticated patient security systems such as the HUGS Infant Security System, and the RoamAlert Patient Wander System. We can therefore be your one stop solution for typically difficult system implementations.

So, if you're looking for Point of Care or Patient Security solutions, IMS can provide you with the right one.