The Hugs® system delivers an unprecedented level of security against infant abduction but requires little administration and training. As the world's fastest-selling infant protection system, the Hugs system offers the reliability that you and your staff can depend on every day to keep your infants safe.

It's a choice leading hospitals have made. and a choice parents, nurses, administrators and security staff alike can wholly support.

The Hugs System Advantage

Easy-attach tag with automatic enrollment
The Hugs tag attaches in seconds and is automatically enrolled in the software. Protection can start right in the delivery room.

No manual tests
The Hugs system requires no manual checks of infant tags or other devices to make sure they’re working. The Hugs system software ­continually monitors the status of all devices, and will generate an alarm if something goes wrong.

Automatic mother/infant matching
With the Kisses® option, the Hugs system automatically confirms that the right baby is with the right mother. There are no buttons to push, no numbers to match and no wall-mounted lamps to check.

User friendly
The Hugs system offers a wide range of viewing options. Users only see the menus and commands they need, all in a standard Windows-based PC environment. The integrated CCTV option enables you to see what is happening at an exit during a door alarm, right from within the Hugs user interface—you have the essential information you need to respond appropriately.

Full supervision
The Hugs system ensures full supervision of all components, including the tag, with each tag sending a Heartbeat® status message every 10 seconds. If the system doesn’t receive these messages for a specified time period, an alarm is automatically generated.